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Storm Damage Testimonials

Certificate of Satisfaction: Job Completion

Provided All 10's

Testimonial: I would surely recommend to my friends and family. Satisfaction guaranteed. 


Certificate of Satisfaction: Job Completion

Provided All 10 's

Testimonial:  "They were great!"

William S. 

Certificate of Satisfaction- Job Completion

Customer provided all 10's

Testimonial:  SERVPRO was extremely fast in getting to our home to start the clean up.  They also took all the measures to protect the undamaged part of our home  while the clean up was in progress.  In addition, Vanessa was a joy to work with, very helpful and very responsive to our calls. SERVPRO was quick and excellent clean up.  I doubt there is a  better clean up company out there!!


Certificate of Satisfaction:  Job Completion

Provided All 10's

Testimonial:  "They were always on time, and the technician Yaneth did a great job." 


Certification of Satisfaction- Job Completion

Provided All 10's

Testimonial: My water damage in the crawlspace happened when I was at work.  SERVPRO made it convenient everyday to coordinate with my wife and scheduled to our times.  Techs were always on time.  


Mike O. 

Certificate of Satisfaction: Job Completion 

Provided ALL 10's

Testimonial: I had a hot water heater leak.  SERVPRO was on my property and began remediation at once.  Within one week including the asbestos testing and abatement needed SERVPRO of Palos Verdes did a great job. 

Greatly Appreciated: T.G.